AQA Korea

25 years experienced Microfiber manufacturer andsupplier for World class Brands.

Story of microfiber
When it was invented in Japan. They countered a problem with this new fiber of static discharge and easy stain problem for garment. But one day, someone spilt water on the table and someone throw this fabric on it. Water was absorbed rapidly and they realized this fabric is great for cleaning. Moreover the static problem became its main character grabbing dusts. And the shape of this yarn makes even easier to clean grime and oily stains without chemicals. Now this PN microfiber is essential for cleaning products in various field all around world such as Living, Kitchen, Bath, Optical, Industrial, Maintenance and so on.
Korean microfiber
The technology was adopted in Korea early 1980’s. The founder of AQA (former DAIMYUNG), LEE Chang was one of the first man adopted the technology in korea. Now korean microfiber is recognized as best quality in the world. We’ve been supplying high quality OEM products for well known brands such as Arena, Speedo, Descente, Benz, Toyota, Norauto, Meguire’s and so on.