Microfiber is a very fine fiber that is less than 1/100 (1 micrometer in diagram) of thickness of a human hair and it is characterized by excellent water absorbency, strong detergency and quick drying ability.

Superior absorbency and quick drying
Microfiber has superior absorbency by a 'capillary phenomenon’, which is a characteristics of the filament. It can absorb water fast and dry quickly. This excellent performance is achieved not by a finishing process but by the filament's characteristics itself. Therefore this function is permanent.
Removing bacteria
Microfiber has a three-dimensional construction with micro space among the divided segments which functions to absorb more liquid and wipe out not only dust on surface perfectly but also invisible bacteria.
Chemical free cleaning
Microfiber acts like a magnet for grime and liquid and can be used with only water without toxic chemicals, which means it is safer for heath and environment.
Various application
Microfiber towels are soft to the touch and gentle on human skin as well as excellent absorbency and drying ability, so it can be used in various place and situation in daily life.