Microfiber towel is useful for sports or outdoor activities due to its strong absorption and quick drying as well as portability with compact size. Also it makes more eco-friendly and healthier life for skin care or bath life with less or no chemical use. Microfiber product easily removes dead skin or heavy make-up with just water or minimized cleanser.



Easy dead skin or make up
cleansing with only water


Light weight
ad quick drying


Hypoallergenic from
less or no chemical use


Portability for sports
and outdoor activities

Usage : Yoga mat towel

Type : Woven

Fabric no. : DMS-61015

Usage : Swimming towel

Type : Woven

Fabric no. : DMS-61001A

Usage : Hair turban

Type : Woven

Fabric no. : DMS-61015

Usage : Facial glove

Type : Knit

Fabric no. : DMS-61097